hi i'm maddy :—)
welcome 2 my portfolio

hi i'm maddy :—)
welcome 2 my portfolio~*~*~

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carnegie mellon
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twitter — summer 2019
livity — summer 2018
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Spotify Listening Parties

Facilitating Social Interaction within Spotify


ui/ux design

rapid prototyping

origami studio

Spotify Active Listening is a premium feature that allows users and artists to DJ/curate for an audience in real time through the act of listening parties. Users listening are able to suggest songs as well as upvote/downvote suggestions from other users to influence the music being played.

This project was completed during Rehack, a five hour hackathon with a focus on improving digital social interaction.

I worked with the team to help brainstorm functionality of the feature and worked with designers to build and prototype the feature.


Spotify caters to the individual, but does not allow for community engagement in music listening.

Brainstorming Opportunities

As a team, we had to quickly decide on what sort of existing technology we wanted to focus on. Out of all the streams, we decided to look into improving social interaction in consumer media, as it was a space that we were not as familiar with. From here, we decided to focus on Spotify, as it was something we had all used.

Identifying Problem Space

We decided to look into the different touchpoints we could design for and took into consideration how familiar we were with each (as we were working with such a strict time constraint).

Visual Design

We decided to mostly rely on the existing Spotify brand so that the feature would be easily implementable in theory. Throughout the design of the prototype, we looked into the existing motion conventions and types of menus/icons/etc. that would help inform our designs.


As we were working with such a strict time limit, we had to work efficiently as a team. After agreeing upon a visual style, we created drag and drop elements that could be used throughout the application feature. We collaborated on the screen designs in Figma, and I imported these assets into Origami Studio to prototype out the features.

Introducing Social Tab

Our Social Tab is comprised of two parts—the hub and friend activity. Through the hub, users are able to easily access listening parties of friends, artists, as well as ones that Spotify itself curates. Additionally, you are able to more easily access and create collaborative playlists. Finally, playlists saved from active listening parties are also available here, with icons based on who was curating as well as album covers of songs that were highly liked by the audience.


Accounting for the strict time limit, we decided to prototype out a singular user flow to be presented & demonstrated. We decided to walk-through a user exploring the social tab and then joining in their friend's listening party, rather than highlighting the process of creating and curating one.


We believe that this feature would be a perfect addition to the Spotify premium plan. We hope that these added features would increase incentive to join the plan. Users could be made aware of these features through the sharing of collaborative playlist invite links, active listening party links, and active listening playlist links.

Additionally, with the upvote/downvote actions in active listening, Spotify could have another way of gathering more accurate data from users and using it for their playlist curation, etc. Finally, we believe that this new social aspect of Spotify could also add another layer to Spotify Wrapped, which summariazes a user's music listening activity.


As this was my first hackathon, I definitely learned a lot through the experience. Working with such a tight deadline stressed the importance of prioritization and compromise in the design process. Additionally, juggling role assignment while being active constantly throughout the project helped me to learn when to ask/offer help and how to be more efficient in my own work.

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