Waffles for Breakfast

one-minute animation accompanying a narration of a childhood memory by my younger brother

(procreate, photoshop, after effects)

Texts from Mom

visualization of my relationship with my mom through different text messages I've received in the past

(procreate, photoshop, after effects)

B Side

vinyl and cover detailing for B Side by San Cisco


What Possessed You

various illustrations for the article "What Possessed You" by Elaine Vitone


Electronics Collection

curated catalogue of my electronics and analysis of my reasons for purchasing as a way to understand persuasive elements

view the website here →

p5.js Sketches

variety of different sketches using p5.js library of javascript

Shopper's Dilemma
Choice-matters game created in collaboration with Allissa Chan.
Seven different routes/endings within the game.

(click in the frame to play and use keypad to control)

Baby Face Generator
(click to generate new face)

Random Wallpaper Generator
(refresh for altered wallpaper)