Health Through Eating

Health Through Eating — Designing a System


print design
visual system

Zoe Lehn
Sharon Lee

system promoting healthy eating. In order to build consistency with each of our pieces, we started by defining visual variables that we wanted to include, and utilized them in building a series of 30" x 40" posters, an educational video, and a set of recipe cards and carrying case/envelope.

My main focus for this project was creating the motion piece and providing feedback for each aspect of the system. I also participated in developing the visual variables and illustration style utilized throughout the system.




We started off by focusing strictly on the visual variables that we wanted to include—the bare bones of the system. In order to do this, we began by creating examples of visuals that we abstracted with different adjectives we associated with healthy eating. This was based on our own past schemas as well as modern examples in media that related to healthy eating.

From this, we were able to begin to discern different colors, typefaces, and graphic elements that we thought we could incorporate into our system. 




From there, we looked into developing a concept that would help us settle on our visual variables. This involved brainstorming catches, calls to action, and validation that we would eventually incorporate into our final designs.




We decided to use the visual variables listed above to create a series of posters that would be our system's introduction to the user. As a big part of healthy eating is consistent meal times, we based our three posters off of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As we had defined our visual variables prior to creating the posters, our main focus was creating an inviting composition.




While we were planning on having these posters up on campus, we wanted to increase our reach to online spaces. We worked on creating an educational video that would use the same language as the posters to help educate the public.




Both the video and posters led the user to areas where they would be able to pick up recipe cards that would help them to eat healthier. We ended up making twelve different cards as a proof of concept that users would be able to take with them. We decided to color code the cards based on whether or not they were allergy-friendly or vegetarian to increase accessibility to those with dietary restrictions.




We decided to also design carrying cases for the cards, so that users would be more inclined to keep them and remake recipes that they found enjoyable. We also used the envelopes as a way to showcase a key for the color-coded cards. In the end, we pulled in the same playful typographic language we had used for the poster and video for the envelopes. We decided to reuse some of the graphics we created for the cards and the video for a more cohesive look and made them all white so as to avoid having clashing colors.




Working on developing a cohesive visual style was definitely a challenge, but was definitely a valuable experience in terms of defining all of the possible considerations and variables at play in any given designed system. I definitely learned a lot in the process fo developing an overall concept, curating calls to action, and offering validation based on specific audience considerations. On another (but equally valuable) note, I learned a lot about the importance of eating healthy and ways to go about it!