hi i'm maddy :—)
welcome 2 my portfolio

hi i'm maddy :—)
welcome 2 my portfolio~*~*~

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Final_FINAL__v36 copy.show

School of Design Senior Show 2019

Final_FINAL__v36 copy.show is an exhibit showcasing the work of the School of Design senior class over the past 3.5 years. Our class worked together over the course of a semester to brand the show, curate and organize the projects through three floors, and install the show.

As part of the core branding team, I worked on the brand guidelines and helped organize and lead our subcommitees—print, photography, and environments. We worked on posters, brochures, social media assets, portraits, wall vinyls, placards, and the first-floor experience.


We started off with the struggle of trying to choose a theme that would describe our class of 36. We didn't want to choose something that was either too serious or too exclusive to design majors that it would not be easily understood by a wider audience. In the end, we decided on Final_FINAL__v36 copy.show as a play on the perfectionist (and mildly disorganized) nature of the design process and our class as a whole.


We decided to use a lot of bright colors to match the overall tone we wanted to set through our humorous theme. We decided to work with a six color palette, and limited colors for backgrounds/text so as to avoid jarring contrasts.


Similarly, we were interested in a typeface that would communicate the playfulness of the brand as a whole. We decided to use Filson Pro as it had a lot of personality while still being legible at different distances.


To play off of our humorous theme, we wanted to include fun visuals that would draw people in. We decided to use Cinema4D to create simple shapes and used Procreate to add details.


After making a couple different iterations, we decided to move forward with the stack of shapes. To be more cohesive with our theme, we created sketches and un-polished versions of the stacks of shapes to represent "low-fi" and "mid-fi" iterations. We wanted and started creating a couple different characters to start with that could be used on promotional materials.


However, there were concerns that some of the character's expressions might be too inappropriate for different portions of the gallery (especially paired near more serious work), so we decided to remove the faces and replaced them with different design tools that encapsulated the product, communication, and environment design tracks.


In the end, we decide to keep the wordmark fairly simple to not distract from the characters on printed material as well as the work in the show. We decided to split it up into required componenents (Final.show) and optional components (FINAL__, v36, copy) that could be switched out if desired. We also allowed for color changes & varied line breaks so that the wordmark could adapt to different sizes and layout.

Brand Guidelines

To communicate this to our team, we created a short presentation that could be referred back to. We ended up with a couple of iterations before finalizing based on the suggestions and feedback of our team.


Photos by Jackie Chou.


As there were so many moving parts for such a large scale project, it was definitely a struggle to stay organized. I think that the process of creating the branding that would inherently represent our whole senior class & the body of work we had created within our four years, there was a lot of pressure to really create something meaningful. This project definitely stressed the importance of communicating and staying transparent.

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