Maddy Cha

Eden Weingart

Eden Weingart — Zine & Website


print design
interaction design

I created a print and web piece to highlight work of a CMU Design alumni, Eden Weingart.

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I started by studying Eden's work and figuring out how I would best portray it through the two different mediums, print and web. Although I was unable to meet with Eden in person, I received an extensive list of survey answers from her that helped me to get a sense of her character. I also conversed with her through email to fill in some of the gaps in the narrative.

In terms of beginning the visual design process, I made a visual guide for myself showcasing Eden's work as well as the work of people she considered inspirations and used this information to create potential typographical styles and color palettes I might use.



From there, I went to working on creating potential thumbnails for the zines. With an idea of the written content and work I wanted to include, I experimented with different layouts I thought might be interesting.










Through this project, I was able to overcome the challenge of visually representing a designer with an already defined voice and style. Additionally, I was able to compare the constraints and affordances of the mediums of print and web while creating a consistent narrative throughout. Additionally, through my research on Eden, I was able to gain a better understanding of the journey from a design student to a motion graphics professional.