conversational user interface for airbnb


allissa chan

sharon lee




conversational user interface for airbnb




Abbi is a conversational user interface designed to help streamline the process of checking in and out of an Airbnb

Abbi can provide specific check-in/check-out instructions, recommend restaurants and experiences, or contact hosts as needed.

motion studies

We started off the process by creating animations based on Microsoft Cortana states

We worked with similar restraints individually and then came together to compare how we represented each emotion.


From here, we began to consider what features we would help implement within the current ecosystem

We began to analyze the current user journey, comparing user testimonies and pain points. As mentioned, there is no universal check-in process—hosts often relied on sending outside resources such as through Google Docs, PDFs, emails, plain text, etc.

To help remedy this issue, we decided to create an easy way of consolidating this information in a way that would be easily accessible to people on-the-go.


For our concept video, we decided to focus on the guest check-in experience

Our biggest challenge was to highlight parts of the application screens simultaneously with the character animation without making the flow of the video too overwhelming.


We created assets based on the Airbnb illustration guidelines

We focused a lot of our time designing our main persona as they would be highlighted most throughout the video. From there, we created backgrounds and various assets that would visually support the protagonist without being too overwhelming or competing.